Public health consequences of becoming a nation of petty landlords
The 100 Best Albums of 2023
"Sounds ill ey gahl" ... "Eh, kinda."
Florida Man: The Video Game
'How do you reduce a national dish to a powder?'
No mousetraps but lotsa other cool stuff
The mysterious creature with bizarre anatomy that once roamed Australia
"what makes me choose a motif are... the lines"
Is it stealing if we can't pay for the thing in the first place?
It's our 101st free thread!
Most people are only truly productive for 3-4 hours a day
Polish trains lock up when serviced in third-party workshops
Toxic comments are associated with reduced volunteer editors on Wikipedia
Mtn Dew using AI to find logos on twitch streams and reward streamers [pdf]
Firefox on the Brink?
The Time Julius Caesar Was Captured by Pirates
A Brainfuck interpreter written in PostScript
Show HN: How did YOUR computer reach my server?
The Curious Case of the Aggregation Query
Human mobility networks reveal increased segregation in large cities
How Beeper Mini Works
AI will enable mass spying
My Fediverse use – I'm hosting everything myself – PeerTube, Mastodon and Lemmy
GiveCampus (YC S15) Is Hiring Engineers who care about education
Sorry, but a new prompt for GPT-4 is not a paper
Termshark – A terminal UI for tshark, inspired by Wireshark
I hacked Magic the Gathering: Arena for a 100% win rate
From 486 to Vue.js: Evan You's Full-Time Gamble on Open Source
New theory claims to unite Einstein's gravity with quantum mechanics
Predict the next frame. Results of training a transformer on "visual sentences"
Show HN: SuperDuperDB – Open-source framework for integrating AI with databases
The Internet Enabled Mass Surveillance. A.I. Will Enable Mass Spying
As Nepali villages modernize, mokha art is on the verge of disappearing
The Languages of Media – Advertising Techniques
Maths and science animations (2018)
'Impossible' orange auroras spotted in UK after solar storm slams into Earth
Rage: Fast web framework compatible with Rails
Meta, IBM Create Industrywide AI Alliance to Share Technology
BMW EV achieves 1000km in range using Dual-Chemistry batteries
23andMe confirms hackers stole ancestry data on 6.9M users


Israeli data privacy and governance startup Mine, which counts Reddit and HelloFresh as clients, raised a $30M Series B led by Battery Ventures and PayPal (Globes Online)
OnePlus launches the OnePlus 12 in China, offering up to 24GB of RAM and 1TB of storage, 100W wired charging, for ~$606, ahead of an "early 2024" global launch (Jon Porter/The Verge)
Interviews with 80+ sources describe how OpenAI releasing ChatGPT a year ago triggered a scramble by Google, Meta, and the rest of Silicon Valley to catch up (New York Times)
OpenSecrets: crypto companies spent $18.96M on US lobbying in Q1 2023 to Q3 2023, up from $16.1M during the same period in 2022; Coinbase spent $2.16M, the most (Hannah Lang/Reuters)
Tesla whistleblower Łukasz Krupski says Autopilot is not safe to use on public roads due to its hardware and software not being "ready" (BBC)
Crypto mining hardware retailer Phoenix Group jumps 50%+ after raising $371M in an Abu Dhabi IPO; Abu Dhabi's largest conglomerate bought a 10% share in October (Julia Fioretti/Bloomberg)
Amazon fails to renew its live English Premier League rights deal, as part of Sky and TNT's new £6.7B TV rights deal for four soccer seasons from 2025/2026 (Jake Kanter/Deadline)
Docs: Apple warned India that its EU-style charger rules will lower local production targets and on November 28 asked to exempt or delay existing iPhone models (Reuters)
Web3 developer platform thirdweb discloses a major vulnerability in its open-source library affecting many NFT collections; Thirdweb became aware on November 20 (Vishal Chawla/The Block)
The European Commission approves up to €1.2B of state aid for a European cloud computing project, the IPCEI CIS, matched with €1.4B in private investments (Sudip Kar-Gupta/Reuters)
SoftBank acquires a 51% stake in Dublin-based Cubic Telecom, which offers software-based networking for 17M+ vehicles, for €473M, valuing Cubic at €927M (Ingrid Lunden/TechCrunch)
AI chatbots' conversational nature makes them more trustworthy, which could cause problems, like "hidden exploitation", outright fraud, and mistaken expertise (Bruce Schneier/Schneier on Security)
Foxconn reports November revenue up 18% YoY to ~$20.6B, the first YoY improvement since January 2023, and forecasts Q4 revenue to be better than expected (Jane Lanhee Lee/Bloomberg)
An analysis of 36GB of US school network logs covering January 2022 to August 2023 finds widespread use of filters to censor the internet, including health info (Wired)
Meta, IBM, and over 50 other companies and organizations form the AI Alliance, a coalition to work on open-source AI, including to share tech and reduce risks (Alexandra Barinka/Bloomberg)
Scrambling eggs without nonstick pans or extreme effort
Parent has Minor Memory Issues - Prompts to Discuss?
Your experiences with taking bupropion (Wellbutrin) for ADD / ADHD
Android app that reminds me I'm on-call and won't let me forget it
How do I get blood stains out of clothes/sheets?
Ideas for Gluten-Free Christmas Treats?
Help me build a quartz forest
Aside from the copious purulent sputum, not bad!
Questions related to artificial intelligence
Considerations for moving relative to a new group home
Feathers everywhere!
Social Media content creator is an actual job.
Looking for a Music Venue Outside of Montreal
What am I not understanding about iCloud backup of my iPhone?
Taking up rollerblading - 40s edition.
Overwhelmed and trying to do the right thing without self-sacrificing
Do I really need to take antimalarials for this trip?
Chicago for 6 adults one 2-year-old?
New Career Question Round 2
Some pun on "now we're cooking with gas"
How did "The Garden: Commune or Cult" get made?
Swallowing difficulties, but I'm at a diagnostic dead end. What next?
Best way to sell scrap sterling?
What's your plan for fascist America?
Accounts of Sexual Violence by Hamas Are Aired Amid Criticism of U.N.
In a Place Called Little Palestine, People Feel Afraid. And Forgotten.
On the Ground in Wars and Disasters, the U.N. Plays a Vital Role
Aid for Ukraine Running Low, and a Spy in the State Dept.
China Evergrande Soared on the Property Boom. Here’s Why It Crashed.
China’s Rising Debt Spurs Moody’s to Lower Credit Outlook
Off Broadway, a Vital Part of New York Theater, Feels the Squeeze
Retirement Without a Net: The Plight of America’s Aging Farmworkers
New York’s Millionaire Class Is Growing. Other People Are Leaving.
It’s Big Oil vs. Science at the U.N. Climate Summit
Renewable Energy Could Be a Casualty in the War on Inflation. Here’s Why.
Got Climate Angst? At the U.N. Summit, There’s a Quiet, Spiritual Place.
Putin to Visit Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. on Wednesday
Zelensky Will Address U.S. Senators Before Vote on Ukraine Aid
Best Comedy of 2023: Jim Gaffigan, Beth Stelling and More
What It Takes to Save the Axolotl
The Backlash to Anti-Israel Protests Threatens Free Speech
The Resolute Liz Cheney
In Taiwan, I See a Geopolitical Dance Up Close
Sandra Day O’Connor’s Barrier-Breaking Marriage
How Trump Would Govern
The Blurry Line Between Rap Star and Crime Boss
If You’re Too Noisy in New York, New Cameras Might Catch You
Math Scores Dropped Globally, but the U.S. Still Trails Other Countries
Can Boris Johnson Keep His Cool at U.K.’s Covid Inquiry?
Nigeria’s President Calls for Inquiry After Military Strike Kills at Least 85 Civilians
Behind the Scenes With Volunteer Crews at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Festival
Calculator: How much does assisted living cost where you live?
Supreme Court case could spark rush of reverse-discrimination claims
Candidate loses by single vote after he didn’t cast a ballot for himself
Hired hitman helped victim fake his death — then worked with the FBI, feds say
Double mass shootings over weekend set grim U.S. record
Biden and the tale of the $16 McDonald's meal
Sandra Day O’Connor, pathbreaking woman on Supreme Court, dies at 93
A bar offered free beers until Iowa scored. Then the team got shut out.
Father arrested after missing Idaho baby and pregnant wife are found dead
‘The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop’: Podcast episode guide
A Brazilian city passed a law about water meters. ChatGPT wrote it.
Feds have charged more than 250 people under new gun trafficking law
Israel-Gaza war live updates: Israel moves into southern Gaza in new phase of war; hospitals there under strain
Asked about the Israel Defense Forces’ decision to destroy the main courthouse in Gaza City, Israeli...
Inside ‘little Gaza’: The civilians trapped in a West Bank war zone
U.N. chief’s office: ‘There is nowhere safe to go’ in Gaza
U.S. seeks extradition of man accused of helping indicted Russian flee home
Communication services returning to Gaza, monitoring group says
Israel-Gaza war, LGBTQ rights complicate alliances for U.S. Muslims
Photos: Wounded children await treatment on floor of overcrowded southern Gaza hospital
Video: Wounded Palestinians rushed to Khan Younis hospital
406 IDF soldiers killed since Oct. 7 attacks, Israel says
‘Catastrophic’ situation in southern Gaza’s main hospital, WHO warns
‘They told us it was a safe area’: Homes turned to rubble in Rafah
Russian President Vladimir Putin will make a one-day trip to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi...
23 hikers presumed dead after Indonesian volcano erupts
IDF says it has encircled and raided Gaza’s Jabalya refugee camp
Russia to release six more Ukrainian children after Qatar mediation
Hospitals in Gaza could be unable to cope with the influx of displaced people concentrated into...
Israel’s Netanyahu is fighting two wars, and may not win either
U.N. official warns of another wave of displacement in Gaza
Israeli forces shot dead five Palestinians in the West Bank on Monday, according to the Palestinian...
Video: Aftermath of strike at U.N. school in Beit Lahia, northern Gaza
Hamas’s explanations for not releasing more female hostages not ‘credible,’ U.S. says
Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumes in Israel, as war rages on
Britain’s new foreign secretary, David Cameron, will travel to Washington on Wednesday, the U.K. Foreign Office...
At least 25 injured people and 583 foreign or dual nationals in Gaza were evacuated to...
Journalists killed in the Israel-Gaza war: A look at the lives lost
After long banning polio campaigns, Taliban declares war on the disease
The United States and other countries may create a maritime task force in the Red Sea...
‘Green land is now brown and desolate,’ Human Rights Watch reports
Inside ‘little Gaza’: The civilians trapped in a West Bank war zone
Aid distribution in the Khan Younis governorate in southern Gaza has “largely stopped due to the...
Israel begins incursion into southern Gaza, satellite imagery shows
One hundred aid trucks carrying humanitarian supplies and 69,000 liters of fuel entered Gaza from Egypt...
Gaza aid groups fear ‘hellish scenario’ as fighting resumes
Israel’s Netanyahu is fighting two wars, and may not win either
Journalists killed in the Israel-Gaza war: A look at the lives lost
Today’s key developments in the Israel-Gaza war
Israel begins incursion into southern Gaza, satellite imagery shows
Israel’s military pushes into southern Gaza as danger for civilians mounts
Israel investigates an elusive, horrific enemy: Rape as a weapon of war
Gaza aid groups fear ‘hellish scenario’ as fighting resumes
U.S. forces strike militants in Iraq
Satellite images show Israeli vehicles at edge of Khan Younis
Israel’s military pushes into southern Gaza as danger for civilians mounts
Ex-U.S. ambassador accused of being Cuba’s secret agent since 1981
After a pause in fighting with Hamas ended Friday, Israel resumed its offensive in the Gaza...
U.S. ship shoots down drones in Red Sea, Central Command says
‘Green land is now brown and desolate,’ Human Rights Watch reports
“We have completely lost contact with our teams operating in the Gaza Strip,” said Palestinian Red...
The Israel Defense Forces told the World Health Organization on Monday to remove supplies from a...
Hamas’s explanations for not releasing more female hostages not ‘credible,’ U.S. says
Here are the hostages released by Hamas and those remaining in Gaza
National security adviser Jake Sullivan said in a White House news briefing Monday that Houthi attacks...
Farmers race to innovate as climate change threatens African food supply
Telecom providers report ‘near total’ blackout in Gaza
One hundred aid trucks arrived in Gaza Monday after passing through Egypt’s Rafah border crossing, according...
Israel to hunt Hamas figures abroad, security chief says in recording
Video footage shows Israeli troops demolishing the main courthouse in Gaza City. The ornate seven-story “Justice...
U.N. official warns of another wave of displacement in Gaza
Footage shows strike aftermath at U.N. school in northern Gaza
The president of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Mirjana Spoljaric, arrived in Gaza on...
One person was killed and several were injured after clashes broke out Monday following an Israeli...
Young Palestinian prisoners describe harsh treatment in Israeli jails
Who will run Gaza after the war? U.S. searches for best of bad options
Divers locate remains and crashed Osprey wreckage off Japan’s coast
Britain’s new foreign secretary, David Cameron, will travel to Washington on Wednesday, the U.K. Foreign Office...
Gaza’s main telephone and internet providers, Paltel and Jawwal, announced that their telecommunication services in Gaza...
Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra said 15,899 people have been killed in the enclave since...
Almost 1.9 million people in Gaza — over 80 percent of its population — have been...
Here are the hostages released by Hamas and those remaining in Gaza
Why news outlets and the U.N. rely on Gaza Health Ministry for death tolls
‘The Empty Grave of Comrade Bishop’: Podcast episode guide
Israel is briefly suspending military activity Monday in Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, Israel Defense...
At least 6 killed in strike on Gaza hospital gate, doctor says
Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Sunday that he spoke with Qatari Prime Minister Mohammed bin...
In Ukraine, a war of incremental gains as counteroffensive stalls
Miscalculations, divisions marked offensive planning by U.S., Ukraine
A Brazilian city passed a law about water meters. ChatGPT wrote it.
Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumes in Israel, as war rages on
Israel launches hundreds of strikes on Gaza by ground, air, sea
The Palestine Red Crescent Society said on social media Monday that one of its volunteers was...
Who are the hostages released by Hamas so far? Here is the latest list.
Aid efforts in Gaza hindered by renewed fighting, U.N. agency says
The Committee to Protect Journalists reports that October was the deadliest month for journalists since the...
Jayapal, CNN’s Bash have tense debate on reports of Hamas rapes
U.S. ship shoots down drones in Red Sea, Central Command says
Gaza civilians find no good options to escape widening Israeli strikes
Why the Islamic State is surging in Africa
Young Palestinian prisoners describe harsh treatment in Israeli jails
The fear of a looming Trump dictatorship
Israel appears to shift war’s focus to southern Gaza; U.S. ship shoots down drones in Red Sea
Today’s key developments in the Israel-Gaza war
Who will run Gaza after the war? U.S. searches for best of bad options
Gaza civilians find no good options to escape widening Israeli strikes
U.S. ship shoots down drones in Red Sea, Central Command says
Jayapal, CNN’s Bash have tense debate on reports of Hamas rapes
Employees keep up pressure on Big Tech to drop deal with Israel
The Palestine Red Crescent Society said two of its paramedics were injured after Israeli forces fired...
Gaza civilians find no good options to escape widening Israeli strikes
Who will run Gaza after the war? U.S. searches for best of bad options
Biden and the tale of the $16 McDonald's meal
These are some of the notable companies laying off workers
Ousted propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Meta
Modern meeting etiquette: Wear pants, beware of tech lag, chat sparingly
A Brazilian city passed a law about water meters. ChatGPT wrote it.


Lawmakers plan to grill Harvard, Penn and MIT presidents on antisemitism
Supreme Court case could spark rush of reverse-discrimination claims
Liz Cheney, outspoken Trump critic, weighs third-party presidential run
George Santos’s expulsion, by the numbers
The ‘Great Red vs. Blue State Debate’ that wasn’t
Why new Ariz. indictments are key in the fight against election subversion
Defending his 2020 fraud claims, Trump turns to fringe Jan. 6 theories
Four GOP presidential candidates qualify for fourth primary debate
Kari Lake struggles to court moderates, imperiling GOP Senate pickup
Doug Burgum suspends long-shot presidential campaign
White House warns Congress of urgent need for Ukraine funding
Trump loses chance to challenge N.Y. gag order before trial ends
Sandra Day O’Connor, pathbreaking woman on Supreme Court, dies at 93
Top Democrat in Westchester files to challenge Rep. Jamaal Bowman
James Comer’s Biden claims do not deserve the benefit of the doubt
Opponents of No Labels and other third-party presidential bids launch ads
The lure of the partisan refugee
Comer mischaracterizes Hunter Biden car payment reimbursement to his dad
Supreme Court appears torn during Purdue opioid settlement arguments
Doug Burgum | 2024 presidential candidate
How Donald Trump uses dishonesty
Who is running for president in 2024? Meet the candidates.
Tracking Biden administration political appointees to fill top roles
The Single Biggest Fix for Inequality at Elite Colleges
An Existential Problem in the Search for Alien Life
How to Be Anti-Semitic and Get Away With It
The Atlantic 10
A New Era of Open Defiance
A MAGA Judiciary
Why Xi Wants Trump to Win
Corruption Unbound
Trump’s Polarization of Science Is Bad for Everyone
What Trump’s Second Term Could Look Like
The Atlantic launches the fifth season of its How To podcast with How to Keep Time, hosted by Becca Rashid and Ian Bogost
A Spiritual Manifesto for the Dispossessed
Top 25 News Photos of 2023
Israel’s Impossible Dilemma
In Special Issue, The Atlantic Warns of the Consequences If Trump Wins a Second Term
Ron DeSantis Does Not Seem to Be Enjoying Himself
The Supreme Court Takes On Yet Another Made-Up Controversy
A Warning
Is Journalism Ready?
The Climate Can’t Afford Another Trump Presidency
Four More Years of Unchecked Misogyny
How Trump Gets Away With It
The Specter of Family Separation
Loyalists, Lapdogs, and Cronies
Trump Will Abandon NATO
Mexican politicians are harnessing Swiftie fandoms on TikTok
The man fighting against online hate speech in India
Unleash the bololô: Masses of delivery workers set off horns and fireworks at bad customers’ homes
Recall-plagued EV maker VinFast is betting big on a new U.S. factory
Why Samsung factory workers in Vietnam are becoming beauticians
As gas prices skyrocket, Nigerian delivery riders are switching to EVs
The war in Gaza is reshaping moderation rules
Running a food-delivery service in Nigeria is hard; Chowdeck makes it look easy
Building an app that uses AI to interpret dreams
Inside Foxconn’s struggle to make iPhones in India
Sri Lanka tech workers demand pay in dollars or euros after rupee crashes
Need for speed: This Johannesburg driver delivers anything in 15 minutes
Bi-Weekly 'Anything Goes' Thread - aka Moving/Buy/Sell/Trade/Rent/Lease/Eat
Things to Do in Durham this Week (Dec 4-10)
Found in the DPAC program. What's that URL again?!
Use of DPS grounds outside school hours, over the weekends etc.
Cage Free doggie boarding
Found this big cat on the streets, does anybody own this cat?
Scrap Exchange Workshops Are Back!!!!
Apartment w/Valet trash
Maybe I'm stupid...but why does my property tax include a vehicle tax of $30 each for Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary and Morrisville?
Astronomy on Tap
A fascinating and unique panel discussion coming up at Durham County Library!
Spent Coffee Grounds and Brew Materials
West Village residents unite?
Where can I buy red rice?
Are you a woodwind player, brass player, or percussionist? Join the Triangle Pride Symphonic Band this spring!
Honeysuckle Lakewood Closed - Lakewood Social Opening Soon!
Stolen bicycle
2023 Christmas Tree Lighting Event
Need wood for raised garden beds
Short term work opportunities over winter break
CrossFit gym
Erwin Rd by Duke Hospital
Local volunteer opportunities?
Did anyone attend Rofhiwa’s Kgoro gathering?
Local Restaurant/Bar Talent Need Space?
Missing Kitten!
Hanukkah celebrations have changed dramatically − but the same is true of Christmas
Real or artificial? A forestry scientist explains how to choose the most sustainable Christmas tree, no matter what it's made of
How a thumb-sized climate migrant with a giant crab claw is disrupting the Northeast's Great Marsh ecosystem
'Inert' ingredients in pesticides may be more toxic to bees than scientists thought
Hate crimes are on the rise − but the narrow legal definition makes it hard to charge and convict
Why Franklin, Washington and Lincoln considered American democracy an 'experiment' -- and were unsure if it would survive
Science is a human right − and its future is enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Scientists have been researching superconductors for over a century, but they have yet to find one that works at room temperature − 3 essential reads
How sacred images in many Asian cultures incorporate divine presence and make them come 'alive'
Certain states, including Arizona, have begun scrapping court costs and fees for people unable to pay – two experts on legal punishments explain why
New England stone walls lie at the intersection of history, archaeology, ecology and geoscience, and deserve a science of their own
Texas is suing Planned Parenthood for $1.8B over $10M in allegedly fraudulent services it rendered – a health care economist explains what's going on
Philadelphia reduces school-based arrests by 91% since 2013 – researchers explain the effects of keeping kids out of the legal system
Here's what happened when I taught a fly-fishing course in the waterways of New Orleans
With the end of the Hollywood writers and actors strikes, the creator economy is the next frontier for organized labor
Online 'likes' for toxic social media posts prompt more − and more hateful − messages
Why isn't there any sound in space? An astronomer explains why in space no one can hear you scream
COP28: 7 food and agriculture innovations needed to protect the climate and feed a rapidly growing world
Santos, now booted from the House, got elected as a master of duplicity -- here's how it worked
Native American mothers whose children have been separated from them experience a raw and ongoing grief that has no end
A First Amendment battle looms in Georgia, where the state is framing opposition to a police training complex as a criminal conspiracy
'Wonka' movie holds remnants of novel's racist past
How the keffiyeh – a practical garment used for protection against the desert sun – became a symbol of Palestinian identity
Why all civilian lives matter equally, according to a military ethicist
Bringing classical physics into the modern world with Galileo's Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment
These programs make college possible for students with developmental disabilities
Who is still getting HIV in America? Medication is only half the fight – homing in on disparities can help get care to those who need it most
Colonized countries rarely ask for redress over past wrongs − the reasons can be complex
Edward Blum's crusade against affirmative action has used the legal strategy developed by civil rights activists
Massive planet too big for its own sun pushes astronomers to rethink exoplanet formation
Russian attempt to control narrative in Ukraine employs age-old tactic of 'othering' the enemy
Israel's mosaic of Jewish ethnic groups is key to understanding the country
As plastic production grows, treaty negotiations to reduce plastic waste are stuck in low gear
OpenAI is a nonprofit-corporate hybrid: A management expert explains how this model works − and how it fueled the tumult around CEO Sam Altman's short-lived ouster
'Baldur's Gate 3' became the surprise hit of 2023 by upending conventional wisdom about what gives video games broad appeal
COP28 begins: 4 issues that will determine if the UN climate summit is a success, from methane to money
Israel-Gaza: what the term genocide means under international law – podcast
Henry Kissinger's bombing campaign likely killed hundreds of thousands of Cambodians − and set path for the ravages of the Khmer Rouge
The path to net-zero emissions runs through industry
ChatGPT turns 1: AI chatbot's success says as much about humans as technology
There’s a financial literacy gender gap − and older women are eager for education that meets their needs
Why the Fed should treat climate change's $150B economic toll like other national crises it's helped fight
Gentle parenting can be really hard on parents, new research suggests
People who experienced childhood adversity had poorer COVID-19 outcomes, new study shows
US food insecurity surveys aren't getting accurate data regarding Latino families
3 ways AI can help farmers tackle the challenges of modern agriculture
MicroRNA is the master regulator of the genome − researchers are learning how to treat disease by harnessing the way it controls genes
LGTBQIA+ sanctuary declarations help cities take a stand to defend rights -- but may not have much actual legal impact
A brief history of the US-Israel 'special relationship' shows how connections have shifted since long before the 1948 founding of the Jewish state
Stoicism and spirituality: A philosopher explains how more Americans' search for meaning is turning them toward the classics


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Why Biden Is Losing Support Among Voters Of Color
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Ron DeSantis Probably Didn’t Turn Florida Red
Aging Politicians Are Only Going To Get More Common
Should We Trust Polls Campaigns Leak To The Press?
Politics Podcast: Is Donald Trump The Inevitable GOP Nominee?
What Are The Swing States Of The Future?
Everything You Need To Know About Tuesday’s Special Elections In Rhode Island And Utah
Vivek Ramaswamy Is Climbing. Where Can He Go?
We’re Hiring A Visual Journalist
After An Eventful Month, Trump Has Lost Support In The GOP Primary
Will Trump Regret Skipping The GOP Debates?
What Are Trump’s Chances Of Winning The GOP Primary?
Politics Podcast: Good Or Bad Use Of Polling … Extended Cut
How Restarting Student Loan Payments Could Change Millions of Lives — And The Economy
Politics Podcast: Lessons From A Trump-Less Debate
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Hamachi VPN connection drops when dual wan router failover configuration switches to a different ISP
How to serve static files for Docker Nextcloud-fpm behing nginx reverse proxy?
How to exclude dnsmasq used by libvirt from Mullvad VPN's "local network sharing" block
Stunnel keeps hanging and then needs to be restarted
Exchange 2019 On-Prem Receive Connector Issue
Google Firebase Cloud Functions: Error: Your project is being set up. Please wait a minute before deploying again
pritunl VPN Server use domain name instead of IP Address in Client Profiles
How do I host a private WinGet Repository on an on-premise server?
Add Windows VM to domain using Packer
Domain joined Windows Server 2019 - not connected to domain network
openvpn - Authenticate/Decrypt packet error: packet HMAC authentication failed
URL masking for nginx server
Commands taking very long time to execute on ssh
Announcing New 'Office Hours' Feature: Questions and Discussion about Navigating Academia, School, and the Subreddit
Short Answers to Simple Questions | November 29, 2023
In 1976 10 year old Brooke Shields did a number of nude photoshoots for Playboy. How in the world was this legal? Was there any public outrage?
Did the early Zionists want a shared state with the Arabs?
Why did ice cream trucks used to be so common esp in the suburbs and urban places?
What happened to the Indo Europeans of the steppe?
What made 1848 such a big year? Did something specifically happen that caused like half of Europe to make new constitutions that year? Is it the biggest year in the 19th century?
Tuesday Trivia: Vegetarianism! This thread has relaxed standards—we invite everyone to participate!
How were post VE Axis POW escapes handled by the West?
What led to women's tennis growing to be far more popular than other women's sports?
What are the best documentaries currently available on Netflix?
Is Pausanias our primary source of information about ancient greek cities ?
Did Truman regret formulating CIA?
How did the agenda of Gush Emunim become official Israeli policy?
Why Did Washington Not Get a Higher Education?
Did Lasalle really sneak behind enemy lines to visit sleep with an Italian Marquise?
What historical distance gives us the best understanding of a certain time period?
How were French citizens chosen to settle Acadia?
Why did some countries have elaborate flags in the era before screen printing or sewing machines?
Is there a historical reason why Abrahamic religions have an apocalyptic event?
Katanga seemed to be a state created solely by the will of the people. Both poor and rich Whites and Blacks fought alongside one another to protect the land and ensure it's independence from the Congo. If this is true, why exactly did the UN fight so hard to bring Katanga down?
What do we know about England’s early Crown Jewels?
What happened to the tendency to venerate valorous soldiers on the other side of a war?
Why are Rwanda and Burundi so densely populated?
Why does metal music (esp. 70s-80s) have lots of fantasy and medieval european influences?
In mid-century America, it seemed like appliances (such as refrigerators) were designed to be forward thinking for what a user actually desired with their features. What changed so that most appliances are identical and mostly bare bones feature wise?
How did Taiwan transition from a repressive fascist dictatorship to one of the most democratic in Asia?
Bi-Weekly 'Anything Goes' Thread - aka Moving/Buy/Sell/Trade/Rent/Lease/Eat
Things to Do in Durham this Week (Dec 4-10)
Found in the DPAC program. What's that URL again?!
Use of DPS grounds outside school hours, over the weekends etc.
Cage Free doggie boarding
Found this big cat on the streets, does anybody own this cat?
Scrap Exchange Workshops Are Back!!!!
Apartment w/Valet trash
Maybe I'm stupid...but why does my property tax include a vehicle tax of $30 each for Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Cary and Morrisville?
Astronomy on Tap
A fascinating and unique panel discussion coming up at Durham County Library!
Spent Coffee Grounds and Brew Materials
West Village residents unite?
Where can I buy red rice?
Are you a woodwind player, brass player, or percussionist? Join the Triangle Pride Symphonic Band this spring!
Honeysuckle Lakewood Closed - Lakewood Social Opening Soon!
Stolen bicycle
2023 Christmas Tree Lighting Event
Need wood for raised garden beds
Short term work opportunities over winter break
CrossFit gym
Erwin Rd by Duke Hospital
Local volunteer opportunities?
Did anyone attend Rofhiwa’s Kgoro gathering?
Local Restaurant/Bar Talent Need Space?
Missing Kitten!
Q&A weekly thread - December 04, 2023 - post all questions here!
[META] Updated subreddit rules
An Alternative to ‘Celtic from the East’ and ‘Celtic from the West’ - Patrick Sims-Williams (2020)
Sino-Vietnamese Readings in the 15th Century --Evidence from the Chữ Nôm materials--
The time and place of origin of South Caucasian languages: insights into past human societies, ecosystems and human population genetics - Scientific Reports
The lexicon of an Old European Afro-Asiatic language. Evidence from early loanwords in Proto-Indo-European
Q&A weekly thread - November 27, 2023 - post all questions here!
Post-predicate prosody in OV languages
Definite Article in Old English ‘Nicknames’ | Notes and Queries (Open Access)
Q&A weekly thread - November 20, 2023 - post all questions here!
How social media is breathing new life into Bhutan's unwritten local languages
Phylogenetic evidence reveals early Kra-Dai divergence and dispersal in the late Holocene
Q&A weekly thread - November 13, 2023 - post all questions here!
Languages with more speakers tend to be harder to (machine-)learn
The Origin and Dispersal of Uralic: Distributional Typological View
How “blue” and “green” appear in a language that didn’t have words for them. People of a remote Amazonian society who learned Spanish as a second language began to interpret colors in a new way, by using two different words from their own language to describe blue and green, when they didn’t before.
Q&A weekly thread - November 06, 2023 - post all questions here!
Neural control of lexical tone production in human laryngeal motor cortex
Ten Constraints that Limit the Late PIE Homeland to the Steppes - David Anthony
Q&A weekly thread - October 30, 2023 - post all questions here!
Amazing resource for studying British English dialects - detailed linguistic maps from the late 19th century by Alexander Ellis. Does anyone know where I can find the ones without hyperlinks, such as "Pronunciation of /r/" under "consonants"?
The Chaski Phoneme Project is working to capture diverse voices producing phonemes. So far 1100 recordings have been made. Results will be presented at the Western Conference on Linguistics on 11/12 and data available soon after. You can still participate, the site works with most browsers.
Q&A weekly thread - October 23, 2023 - post all questions here!
Grammar changes how we see: an Aboriginal language provides unexpected insight into how language influences perception
Ewe: Its Grammatical Constructions and Illocutionary Devices
Split Intransitivity Revisited: Comparing Lakota and Osage


Welcome to /r/philosophy! Check out our rules and guidelines here. [July 1 2023 Update]
/r/philosophy Open Discussion Thread | December 04, 2023
When Safety Becomes Slavery : Negative Rights and the Cruelty of Suicide Prevention
Putnam, Gödel and Mathematical Realism Revisited
Michel Foucault's theory of Power revolutionised our understanding of the concept. In his work, Power is not a top-down domination of the not-so-powerful by the powerful but an oceanic force that every interaction (from intimate lovers to tyrants and slaves) partakes of
The real intrigue of scientific realism| What’s really at stake in Philip Goff and Sabine Hossenfelder’s argument over the existence of the electron.
Self-Esteem: On the Form of Self-Worth Worth Having
On the importance of ridicule in Philosophical and Political debates
Conspiracy theories have been defended as a normal part of democratic scepticism. However, this argument ignores the corrosive effect that closed systems of thought have on the shared epistemological foundations necessary for democracy to function.
Morality and its values: worthless! Hard work – Frugality – Modesty – Honesty – Altruism – Politeness
Conceivability, Possibility and the Mind-Body Problem
Kant on Sex, Reconsidered | A Kantian account of sexuality: sexual love, sexual identity, and sexual orientation
A Stanford professor says science shows free will doesn’t exist. Here’s why he’s mistaken
The Age of Culpability: Children and the Nature of Criminal Responsibility
The Less Complex Something Is, The Hardest It Is To Understand. The Truth Is Not About "Why", But About "What" The Reality Is.
I use the term "presence" to describe an intense experience of self and world. It goes beyond "existence" as a concept to the lived feeling of existing. In this essay I introduce presence using metaphorical, almost poetic language, and then I break it down analytically
Nature vs. Nurture
Metamodernism brings back human interiority. Emerging from the intellectual wilderness of postmodernism, metamodernism protects subjective experience from the ironic distance of its predecessor whilst rejecting the scientific reductionism of modernism. | Greg Dember
The so-called genes vs. environment controversy | Two bizarre positions, the truth of which everyone is proud to insist is somehow in the middle | "Nature vs Nurture"
"Violins and Violas" | the NeuroDiving podcast gets into the philosophy of science behind the study of autism, including the replication crisis and the ethics of autism research
In Defense of Spanking
“A lot of philosophers today are subservient to common sense. The methodology of relying on intuition or common sense is inherently conservative and too much guided by our psychology.” | Michael Della Rocca
Knowing and Acknowledging Others
In defense of (some) online echo chambers: while many online echo chambers are bad, some are good because it's actually healthy to be insulated from some views. Plus, the technologies underlying echo chambers are pretty desirable.
Schopenhauer’s dilemma of the prickly porcupine is his wistful parable on the fraughtness of human connection: in seeking intimacy, we inevitably push each other away. To overcome this, Schopenhauer suggests we should aim to cultivate a refined solitude.
Medical assistance in dying: we should put some restrictions on whether children should have access to euthanasia, but we also need to have the ability to let exceptional cases go through.
It is important to remember that moral relativism and tolerance are two different concepts. Moral relativism can be dangerous since it leads to moral paralysis and indifference
what are some defacto countries or potential countries that you would like to see be apart of the international community/be recognized as an independent country?
What Country's or countries' history do you have the most interest in?
Ignoring the Language barrier, What country would you move to?
Why don’t Americans(the ones that can afford it) pay for their children’s college?
Do Non-USA Countries Say "Every Country Has it's Problems?"
Any Airsoft people out there?
why do many countries have similar names
Help with overstaying military "dependent" visa in EU
What is my nationality?
How connected are Canada and the US?
[England] most requested jobs?
How do they know where to draw border lines in countries in the beginning?
Pls suggest economical and safe way to travel from Columbus Ohio to Cherry Hill New Jersey.
How many languages do most people in your country speak?
Since you are a subscriber of r/AskACountry, you may want to know that a new country-related community is rising. If you're interested, head over to r/AskTheWorld, a subreddit to ask questions about all countries and cultures around the world.
Ireland/Scotland- Do you think Gaelic should die out, or do you want to revive it, how old are you and how does Gaelic effect day to day life if at all?
Europe- How do you name yourselves?
[Lithuania] - Trying to detangle the origin of my surname and my grandfather's nickname
[Lithuania] - Trying to detangle the origin of my surname and my grandfather's nickname
[Lithuania] - Trying to detangle the origin of my surname and my grandfather's nickname
[Any Country] What bird songs remind you of home?
Best App for International Calling? From the USA
Malaysia - Can anybody call or check up on a patient in Selayang hospital in Malaysia? I'm from Sri Lanka and one of my friends' friend is on life support there and the hospital is being really cryptic about the whole thing. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Metric system vernacular for dumb American
Adding Themes
HP-35 reverse Polish calculator on the command line
FreeBSD - Streaming with Chromium and Widevine Support Now Possible
Rust Based TUI Menu Library
i made a customscript to run torrents with webtorrent, how do i make the browser run the script?(firefox)
Expansion substrings with negative offset
I don't know how to open a file from the contents of a variable
¿Is this subreddit for write ask, tip about CMD of Win?
Recommend a Windows command line and/or powershell reference book
POSIX Shell Command Framework
Command line to open a page of a specific pdf file on Mac using Acrobat or Preview?
Revolutionize localization with LangSync
PS1Palette: A Simple Bash Prompt Customiser
Newsraft 0.22: like a boat, but faster
Differences between gnu ls -U and -f
go-sweep: Minesweeper in your terminal
"Signal" listening/emitting on the CLI?
A Practical Guide to fzf: Vim Integration
Restore deleted files from recycle bin in Windows 10 using Command Prompt
Feed stdin using tail ?
downloader-cli - Minimal commandline downloader now comes with a lot of customizations while still being minimal
kanban-python: A Terminal kanban-board manager written in Python
ytmdl - Download songs from YouTube with metadata. v0.3.4 released with youtube as fallback for meta, output directory customizations and other fixes.
Hysp: An independent binary based packager written in rust.
Unix shells and the current directory
Australian Bioacoustic Search Tool
Bottlecap Mountain - "I Guess It's Christmas" - Official Music Video
The Taxonomy and Ecology of Demonology
Brids, Sfish and other Amals
What Rosa Brought
Kraken Whispers - an interactive text adventure
heroes wreck everything
Eldercare, Family Caretaking, and End-of-life Logistics: Stuff I Learned
Bonjour Hi - A game in the Montreal Metro
Baby's first stand-up set
Jabo's Annual Halloween Cartoon 2023
Shopping List Haiku Generator
Restaurants in Peace
Choco Chooser
Any movie scene, rewritten like a Michael Bay movie
Quonsmas Magazine
British Seaside Simulator
What It Takes to Save the Axolotl
Bordeaux Wine Snobs Have a Point, According to This Computer Model
Amber Fossils Suggest Male Mosquitoes Were Once Bloodsuckers
Penguins Take Thousands of Naps Every Day
Dolphins Can Sense Electric Fields, Which Isn’t That Shocking
Exactly How Much Life is on Earth?
A Star With Six Planets That Orbit Perfectly in Sync
Video: Sea Fireflies Make Underwater Fireworks as They Seek Mates
Renewable Energy Could Be a Casualty in the War on Inflation. Here’s Why.
As World Heats, Energy for Air-Conditioning Could Double by 2050
Global Carbon Budget Report Finds Fossil Fuel Emissions Still Rising
Brain Implants Helped 5 People Recover From Traumatic Injuries
Supreme Court Appears Split Over Opioid Settlement for Purdue Pharma
What to Know About the Purdue Pharma Case Before the Supreme Court
Homeless Advocate Takes On A.C.L.U., and It’s Personal
Kiwi Eggs Hatch in the Wild Near New Zealand’s Capital
Estate of T. Rex Skeleton Landowner Is at the Center of Court Fight
Fate of Billions for Opioid Victims From Sacklers Rests With Supreme Court
What to Know About Home Care Services
Desperate Families Search for Affordable Home Care
Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate
Scientists in Discredited Alcohol Study Will Not Advise U.S. on Drinking Guidelines
What to Know About the Respiratory Illness in China
U.S. Rate of Suicide by Firearm Reaches Record Level
Brain Study Suggests Traumatic Memories Are Processed as Present Experience
Climate Change Drives New Cases of Malaria, Complicating Efforts to Fight the Disease
COP28 Begins With Fossil Fuels, and Frustration, Going Strong
Where the World Is (and Isn’t) Making Progress on Climate Change
¿Un medicamento para que tu perro viva más?
U.S. Life Expectancy Creeps Up as Covid Deaths Fall
Rare Giant Rat Is Photographed Alive for First Time
Some U.S. Wolverines to Be Protected by Endangered Species Act
This Seed Season, Consider a Catalog That Takes a Different Approach
CAR-T, Lifesaving Cancer Treatment, May Sometimes Cause Cancer, FDA Says
Popular Science Shuts Online Magazine in Another Sign of Decline
Documents Show Plan for Leader of COP28 Climate Talks to Promote Fossil Fuels
One Year of ChatGPT: How A.I. Changed Silicon Valley Forever
How Elon Musk and Larry Page’s AI Debate Led to OpenAI and an Industry Boom
Bitcoin Soars on Hopes of Investment Fund Approval
Inside Kick, an Upstart Streaming Competitor to Twitch
AI-Generated Jimmy Stewart Reads a Bedtime Story for Calm App
Bordeaux Wine Snobs Have a Point, According to This Computer Model
Brain Implants Helped 5 People Recover From Traumatic Injuries
Who’s Who Behind the Dawn of the Modern Artificial Intelligence Movement
Netflix Builds a ‘Squid Game’ Universe as It Awaits a Second Season
What’s Next for OpenAI, Binance Is Binanceled and A.I. Is Eating the Internet
4,789 Facebook Accounts in China Impersonated Americans, Meta Says
Advertisers Say They Do Not Plan to Return to X After Musk’s Comments
Disinformation Is Big Challenge as COP28 Opens in Dubai
Tesla Begins Delivery of the Cybertruck Today
Back at OpenAI, Sam Altman Outlines the Company’s Priorities
London’s Black Cabs Can Soon Join Uber. But Will They?
Don’t Be Afraid of the iPhone’s NameDrop Feature, Experts Say
Apple Is Doing Its Part to End Green Bubble Shaming. It’s Our Turn.
G.M. to Cut Spending on Cruise Self-Driving Unit
U.S. Debates How Much to Sever Electric Car Industry’s Ties to China
For Sports Illustrated, Report About Fake Authors Is Latest Stumble
Make Sure Your Google Accounts Are Active, or They Might Be Deleted
Amazon Introduces Q, an A.I. Chatbot for Companies

NYT > Arts

Her Guide Dog Inspired Her Art, and Stars in Her Museum Show
Best Classical Music Performances of 2023
Did the Russians Take His Family’s Tintoretto? He’s Intent on Finding Out.
Best Comedy of 2023: Jim Gaffigan, Beth Stelling and More
Off Broadway, a Vital Part of New York Theater, Feels the Squeeze
Alicia Keys’s ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ to Open on Broadway This Spring
‘Walk on Through’ Review: Dispatches, in Song, From a Museum Novice
Broadway Babies, Singing Show Tunes for Seniors
Guggenheim Lays Off 10 Employees as Museums Face Fiscal Challenges
Best Podcasts of 2023: Amy Poehler, ‘Heavyweight,’ Willa Paskin
Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Leaks Early, Announcing 2025 Release
After Shakeup, Trinity Church Appoints Its Next Music Leader
Brenda Lee’s ‘Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ Hits No. 1
Best Theater of 2023
15 Classic Christmas Movies to Stream over the Holidays
‘Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer’ Review: A Guide to the Filmmaker’s Work
Platform Sells Artists’ Pieces You Won’t Find at Art Basel
Charlamagne Tha God's ‘Unpopular’ Opinion About George Santos
Cobi Narita, Tireless Jazz Promoter and Benefactor, Dies at 97
Robert H. Precht, Producer of ‘The Ed Sullivan Show,’ Dies at 93
At the Kennedy Center, an Ode to the Arts, and a Gentle Jab at Biden’s Age
Inside Literary Prize Will Be Judged by Prison Inmates
What’s on TV This Week: ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and ‘Murder in Boston’
Myles Goodwyn, Singer-Songwriter of April Wine, Dies at 75
Oxford’s 2023 Word of the Year Is … ‘Rizz’
Geordie Walker, Guitarist for Killing Joke, Dies at 64
Paul Lynch Discusses His Booker-Winning Novel, ‘Prophet Song,’
10 Performances That Pushed Emotional Limits
‘Saturday Night Live’ Says Goodbye to George Santos
John Nichols, Author of ‘The Milagro Beanfield War,’ Dies at 83
Tim Dorsey, Who Turned Florida’s Quirks Into Comic Gold, Dies at 62
Two Books to Keep You Company While You Wait
Being a Woman in Magic May be the Hardest Trick of All
For Christina Hendricks, Beauty Comes Down to Corsets and Molding
Why Beyoncé Should Be Considered an Auteur
Christopher Paolini Wanted a Job Involving Dragons, So He Created One
In a Gender-Flipped Production of Cinderella, a Princess Rescues
Best Video Games 2023: Baldur’s Gate 3, Resident Evil 4 and More
10 Works and Performances That Helped Me Make Sense of 2023
Netflix Builds a ‘Squid Game’ Universe as It Awaits a Second Season
Susan Sarandon Apologizes for Comment About Jews at Rally
A Guide to N.Y.C. Holiday Events: Live Music, Theater, Lights and More
Julianna Margulies Apologizes After Remarks on Black Support of Jews
‘Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé’ Review: Peak Performance
Is Sean Combs’s Empire at Risk After Sexual Assault Suits?
How Shane MacGowan Made ‘Fairytale of New York’
5 Books About Sandra Day O’Connor
Review: At ‘Dancing With Glass,’ the Spotlight Rests on the Composer
No Snoozing Here: This ‘Sleeping Beauty’ Is Gearing Up for a Wild Ride
Review: A New York Philharmonic Staple Outshines a Flashy Premiere
Court Rejects Jussie Smollett’s Appeal of Hoax Case Conviction
The Ultimate Brenda Lee Primer
Netflix’s ‘Verified’ Gives Comedians a Path Forward
Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Movie Bonus, and 9 More New Songs
Kiss Loves to Say Goodbye. Is Its Rock ’n’ Roll Really Over?
At the Met Opera, ‘Tannhäuser’ Is Halted by Climate Protests
A Play About Black Women’s Experiences, Met With Violence
Elizabeth Debicki on the Final Season of ‘The Crown’
Watch Natalie Portman Study Julianne Moore in ‘May December’
‘May December’ | Anatomy of a Scene
Five Action Movies to Stream Now
Review: Daniel Barenboim Misses His American Swan Song
Best Movies and TV Shows Streaming in December: ‘Reacher,’ ‘Doctor Who’ and More
MapPorn Discussion Thread for December, 2023
How do you say "How" in the predominant language in each country
Pedestrians in traffic signs in Europe – CORRECTED VERSION
European Capitals Urban Size Comparison
Regions of Guyana claimed by Venezuela as part of Guayana Esequiba
Little Rock, Arkansas, before and after construction of the I-630
Voter Turnout by State, 2020
Map of India according to (UN, PAKISTAN, CHINA AND INDIA ITSELF)
The First and Second most popular languages on Duolingo in 2023
Best selling cars in Europe in 2022
Number of UNESCO world heritage sites
The most searched-for word definition in every country
Recreational Boats Per Capita in US
Israeli Offensive in the Gaza Strip - December 4th 2023
Criminalinalisation of Homosexuality in African countries.
The 1872 US Presidential Election between President Ulysses S. Grant (Republican) and Horace Greeley (Liberal Republican)
VenezuelaーGuyana Outlook
U.S. military presence in West Asia
The spread of the Black Death in Europe, 1347 - 1352
Pictorial Map of Austin (1979)
Number of individuals who have visited the ISS, by nationality
Map of the World According to their Population
Mapping the Spread of Words Along Trade Routes. In the early history of international trade, when exotic goods traveled to new regions, their native names sometimes hitchhiked along with them.
Map of the Countries' Currency
JNIM(Al Qaeda affiliate) vs IS Greater Sahara areas of operation in West Africa’s Sahel region
Percentage of Atheists Around the World


December Monthly Quiz/Game/Challenge/Location ID Posts and Discussions
Can someone explain to me exactly how this happened?
What undeveloped part of the world will become developed and populated in 50-100 years?
Is there any reason other than risk of earthquakes why PEI (173k pop) has a bridge to it but Vancouver Island (864k pop) doesn't?
If Doggerland wasn't flooded by rising sea levels 8,500 years ago, would that area today just be one massive agricultural field? If the beautiful black soil of East Anglia and parts of Northwestern Continental Europe are any indication, I feel like it would be the most productive place on Earth? No?
What is the Largest City in America that most Americans Don’t Know?
Technically, when you're on the South Pole, there is no west or east direction, only to north. Am I right?
Mount Taranaki, a dormant stratovolcano in the Taranaki region on the west coast of New Zealand's North Island.
Now that it’s December: if the McCallister house (Home Alone) was in your city/metro area, what neighborhood would it be?
What are these lines? Canada
Aussies and Kiwis, if you had to add another nation to your open border agreement what nation or nations would it be?
Is this right or is it a joke?
The Juba-Shabelle basin is the most hospitable area in Somalia along with the northwestern highlands. It hosts the capital Mogadishu and several cities but makes the country vulnerable of potential Ethiopian dams
What's the largest city in Asia that most people don't know about?
What are the highest elevation areas where successful farming regularly takes place.
Flying from Phoenix to Nashville 🌎
Is your country more (red) or less (blue) densely populated than Earth's average population density? [OC] [3902x1976]
Why is Londonderry on google maps called "Londonderry Derry"?
There are some 4000 dams in Connecticut
Questions about Puducherry district in India: I understand that the borders are drawn because of French colonial history, but why weren't the 4 separate enclaves granted individual status? Also, why are Puducherry's (the city) borders so weird?
Why is this corner of the Indian Subcontinent especially hot? The map shows average annual temperature.
Anyone know what this is
The Bilbao Effect: How Bilbao’s Transformation Became a Model for Urban Regeneration
The Vikos Gorge or Vikos Canyon located in north-western Greece, listed as the world's "deepest relative to its width" gorge by the Guinness Book of Records. The gorge extends 32 km with a depth ranging from 120 to 1350 m, and a width ranging from 2500 m to only a few meters at its narrowest part.
What city has the best skyline relative to its population?
What's up with these cities with islands in front of their coasts?
Wreathed in Pastiche: Max Beerbohm’s Christmas Garland (1912)
Season’s Bleatings: Finnish Photographs of the Nuuttipukki (1928)
Coney Island at Night (1905)
Cliché-Verre and Friendship in 19th-Century France
Modernity in the Rainforest: Man and his Desire (1917)
Last Order Dates for the Holiday Season - 2023
Chromolithographs of Paper Lanterns (ca. 1880)
The Reluctant Levitator: Teresa of Avila’s Humble Raptures
Humanity 101: The Syllabus of Frankenstein's Monster
54 New Prints — And Now Free Shipping!
Divide and Concur: A Radical Plan for Peace in Europe (1920)
Ikkyū in Hell: Skeletons (1692)
The Silent Treatment: Solitary Confinement’s Unlikely Origins
A Melting Cauldron: The Book of Hallowe’en (1919)
Your Flannelette Cure: Fire Tests with Textiles (1910)
Aftershock of the New: Woodblock Prints of Post-Disaster Tokyo (1928–32)
Marked by Stars: Agrippa’s Occult Philosophy
Pantographia: A Specimen Book of All the Alphabets Known on Earth (1799)
The Presentation of Sources and Rights Labelling Gets a Big Overhaul
Käthe Kollwitz’s Peasants’ War Series (ca. 1901–1908)
Charles H. Bennett’s Shadows (ca. 1856)
Free Speech and Bad Meats: The Domestic Labour of Reading in Milton’s Areopagitica
A Dictionary of Modern Slang, Cant, and Vulgar Words (1860)
Behold the Nebulous Smear: ‘Abd al-Rahmān al-Sūfī’s Illustrated Book of Fixed Stars (ca. 1430)
A Careful Selection of Whisk Ferns (1837)
Liquid Bewitchment: Gin Drinking in England, 1700–1850
George Washington Williams’ History of the Negro Race in America (1882–83)
The Works of Mars (1671)
The “Madame B Album” (ca. 1870s)
Travelling Tales: Kalīlah wa-Dimnah and the Animal Fable
A Distinct Phenomenon in Itself: C. V. Raman’s Discovery of Why the Sea is Blue (1921)
Hokusai’s Illustrated Warrior Vanguard of Japan and China (1836)
The Department of Preparation: Thomas Smillie’s Photographic Survey of the Smithsonian (1890–1913)
Radioactive Fictions: Marie Corelli and the Omnipotence of Thoughts
“Those Disturbers of my Rest”: The First Treatise on Bedbugs (1730)
Specimens of Fancy Turning (1869)
The Comic Natural History of the Human Race (1851)
Wonder and Pleasure in the Oude Doolhof of Amsterdam
My Body is a Temple Four-Story House: Analogical Diagram from Tobias Cohen’s Ma’aseh Tuviyah (1708)
Unidentified Floating Object: Edo Images of Utsuro-bune
The Launch of Our Mid-Year Fundraiser!
In the Mind of Marie: A Haunting Encounter in the Gardens of Versailles (1913)
The Black Dandy of Buenos Aires: Racial Fictions and the Search for Raúl Grigera
Denishawn Dance Film (ca. 1916)
Medieval Illustrations of Bonnacons
Eyewitness Accounts of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake
Marvellous Moderns: The Brothers Perrault
Peking Opera Characters (ca. 1900)
Photographs of the Los Angeles Alligator Farm (ca. 1907)
Indian Sign Talk (1893)
The Ether Dreams of Fin-de-Siècle Paris
Punctuation Personified (1824)
Jean Baptiste Vérany’s Chromolithographs of Cephalopods (1851)
“Though Silent, I Speak”: A Book of Sundial Mottoes (1903)
Troubled Waters: Reading Urine in Medieval Medicine
Shy Guy (1947)
C. P. Cranch’s Very Literal Illustrations of Emerson’s Nature (ca. 1837–39)
Dentologia: A Poem on the Diseases of the Teeth (1833)
Manhattan’s Last Arcadia: Estate Plans from the Index of American Design (1936)
The City That Fell Off a Cliff
Fraktur Folk Art (ca. 1750–1820)
Blights of the Bookish: An Essay on Diseases Incidental to Literary and Sedentary Persons (1768)
Beast in the Blood: Jean Denis and the “Transfusion Affair”
Martin Frobenius Ledermüller’s Microscopic Delights (1759–63)
Chaos Bewitched: Moby-Dick and AI
Beetle Carapaces in Basohli Miniature Paintings (ca. 1660–1700)
Cultus Arborum: A Descriptive Account of Phallic Tree Worship (1890)
Picturing Pregnancy in Early Modern Europe
Atlas of the Munsell Color System (1915)
“March of Intellect” Cartoons (1828–29)
Law and Ordure: Scatalogic Rites of All Nations (1891)
Images from the Collective Unconscious: Olga Fröbe-Kapteyn and the Eranos Archive
Dool-Hoff: A Dutch Maze with New Jerusalem at its Centre (1705)
Downhill from Here: The Slant Book (1910)
Levi Walter Yaggy’s Geographical Maps and Charts (1887/93)
The Emancipatory Visions of a Sex Magician: Paschal Beverly Randolph’s Occult Politics
Many-Colored Misdirection: Concealing-Coloration in the Animal Kingdom (1909)
A Treatise Concerning the Properties and Effects of Coffee (1792)
John H. White’s Photographs of Black Chicago for DOCUMERICA (1973–74)
Introducing PDR Revisited
Illusory Wealth: Victor Dubreuil’s Cryptic Currencies
James Ensor, The Deadly Sins (ca. 1904)
Frost Flowers on the Windows (1899)
Battles of the Sexes: Duels between Women and Men in 1400s Fechtbücher
Art Brut: The Scare-Fox (1910)
Eating and Reading with Katherine Mansfield
The Book of Bread (1903)
The Procession of the Months (ca. 1889)
Happy Public Domain Day 2023!
Top 10 Most Read Pieces from 2022
Introducing the PDR Index
Ellen Harding Baker's “Solar System” Quilt (1876–ca. 1883)
In Search of True Color: Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky’s Flawed Images
Mighty Mikko: A Book of Finnish Fairy Tales and Folk Tales (1922)
Concrete Poetry: Thomas Edison and the Almost-Built World
The Launch of Our End-of-Year Fundraiser!
A Bestiary of Loss
Displaying the Dead: The Musée Dupuytren Catalogue
The Tanzmasken of Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt (ca. 1924)
A Pantomime and Masquerade: Trivia: or, the Art of Walking the Streets of London (1716)
Physical Destruction in Whole or in Part
Can You Tell Us Why This Is Happening?
Molly (and Peou)
Issue 46 Reading and Launch Celebration
Gimlet on the Rocks
The Poet of Sewer Rats
Nicholas Dames and Christine Smallwood in conversation
A Dangerous Conflation
Dan Sinykin and Mark Krotov in conversation
A Tradition of Defiance
Elena Kostyuchenko at the n+1 office
The Call Is Coming from Inside the Bar & Grill
Not One Tree
Speaking in Tongues
Justice from Below
The New Era Is a Fact
Acts of Human Will
No Human Being Can Exist
The Anti-Trans Panic and the Crusade Against Teachers
Freedom for the One Who Thinks Differently
The Café and the Colony
A Surge in Suppression
Jocelyn Simonson and James Forman Jr. in conversation
Have We Learned Nothing?
A Hole in the Limits of the World
Prelude to a Coup
The Angel and the Dust
Leaving Ellsworth
Lisa Freifrau von Plochingen
The Gobbler III: All Chopped Up
Winter Editions: Launch Party
Francesco Pacifico and Jesse McCarthy in conversation
On the Thai Elections
Toward Pop Literature
I Screamed Like a Girl
What Should Art Criticism Do?
Announcing the 2023 n+1 Writers Awards winners
On Adam Phillips
How They Tried to Kill Me
A 1999 Moment
How to Touch Grass
Going Live
These Are Women on My TV
Who Was Barbie?
Launch Event: Track Changes
Robert Moses! Jane Jacobs! Robert Moses! Jane Jacobs!
End of the Tour
On Legends
Ordinary Street Cars at High Speeds
Jordan Neely and Daniel Penny
Overload, Dizziness, Vertigo, Trance
Little Privatized Suns
On Daniel Ellsberg
Summer Party!
Mother Sauce
Smoke Week
The Assignment
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A Third Alice
The GrubHub of Human Affliction
I’m Fucking Agitated, Are You Going to Murder Me?
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J. D. Vance Changes the Subject
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Finding Form
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What Happened Wasn’t Fate at All
Museum Pessimism
Live Free or Die
Migizi Will Fly
In Kherson
Fighting from Inside
In Praise of the Terrorist
Two Poems
The Monique Vaccine
Dying but It’s Something Else
Your Body, My Choice
Caption Place
Back to the Future in Post-Boris Britain
The Burglaries Were Never the Story
A Book Explodes
Learning and Not Learning Abortion
Eat the Documentary
The Conference
Stephen Curry and the Spirit of History
Three Stories
Housing Crisis Asserted
n+1 Garage Sale
The Shape of Basketball to Come?
Did the Democrats Fuck It Up?
Strelkov’s Posts
Foley Square, May 3
You Are Endangered as a Citizen
Musk Takes Twitter
What’s Disgusting? Union-Busting!
My Eyes Are Open
Day of the Oprichnik, 16 Years Later
Serra’s Verbs
Big in India
A Veteran of This Time War
“It’s Not So Easy to Break Us, Despite Everything”
Imprisoned for a Support Group
Against Demolition
Human Kind Cannot Bear Very Much Reality
Chino, Do You Know Your Miranda Rights?
Long Day’s Journey into Slight
The Situation of Unfreedom
The Vocalist
Leave Us Alone
Oil and Gas After Sanctions
Sheltering Culture
The Art of Monetary War
National Nightmare
Lab-Leak Theory and the “Asiatic” Form
Unfree Associations
The Everything Snore
Walk Away Like a Boss
The Two Imams
New Left Review
Sandbagging in Odessa
“Putin’s on Our Side!”
Radical Narcissist
Brief Majesty: Universal Harmonies & Frequencies Interviewed
Columnfortably Numb: The Best Psych Rock Of 2023
INTERVIEW: Coby Sey And George Finlay Ramsay
Genghis Cohn - Iron Day
Jumping Back Slash & Būjin - A Seat In Heaven
Quietus Albums Of The Year 2023 (In Association With Norman Records)
A Tribute To Shane MacGowan, By Tariq Goddard
Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For Film About Unsung Guitarist John McGeoch
Lou Reed's Final Solo LP, 'Hudson River Wind Meditations', To Be Reissued
Spotify Wrapped & Apple Music Replay Vie To Be The "John Lewis Ad” Of Streaming
Universal Harmonies & Frequencies - Tune IN
Reissue Of The Week: Khanate's Things Viral
Dais Reveals Reissue Of Coil's 'Moon's Milk (In Four Phases)'
Evolutionary Spirit: An Interview With John Foxx And Ade Fenton
Earthly Delights: Unpacking Donovan's A Gift From A Flower To A Garden Boxset
The Pogues' Shane MacGowan Has Died, Aged 65
Memories Of Sound: Esz Kodesz By Cut The Sky
Serpente - Cornos
The Jesus And Mary Chain Unveil New LP, 'Glasgow Eyes'
Perc Details First Album In Seven Years, 'The Cut Off'
8 Roast Chicken Recipes That'll Give You Cozy Sunday Supper Vibes
Nam Cheua Gradook Moo (Thai Pork Stock)
We Tested 12 Programmable Coffee Makers and Found Three That Can Wake Up Before You Do
Italian Sausage and Peppers Sandwich
Mise en Place #0007: SE Wrapped, Math, and Lots of Commerce Content!
Jamaican Rundown
How to Make Coconut Milk
15 Hearty Winter Soups To Warm You Up
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Jamaican Pepperpot
I Love Portion Scoops So Much, I Have 6 of Them
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We Tested 14 Pasta Drying Racks—These Five Are the Best for Spaghetti, Fettuccine, and Sheets of Dough
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The Best Wine-Related Gear to Give a Budding Sommelier
I’ve Been Testing Kitchen Gear and Waiting for Black Friday All Year—Here Are 12 Things I Want to Buy
Mise En Place #0005: Thanksgiving Eats, Non-Controversial Chili, and Gift Guides Galore
So Long, Turkey: The Ultimate Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu
Ghapama (Armenian Stuffed Pumpkin)
Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
We Made 24 Pizzas and Ciabatta Loaves to Find the Best Pizza Stones
32 Pricey Pantry Items We Think Make Truly Wonderful Gifts
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15 Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes to Show Off on the Big Day
10 Thanksgiving Green Bean Recipes, No Cans Required
We Spent 12 Days Testing Six Tagines to Find the Best Ones
The Best Mail-Order Turkeys for a Thanksgiving Feast
The Very Best Vitamix Products, According to Our Many (Many!) Years of Testing
This Stovetop Grill Grate Lets You Grill Right on Your Gas Burner
The 25 Best White Elephant Gifts for Fun (and Affordable) Festivities
The Very Best Cuisinart Products, After Years of Thorough Testing
Cucumber Sandwiches
Pennsylvania Dutch Apple Pie
When Drinking Whiskey, It’s (Sometimes!) Okay to Add a Little Water
We Used 8 Slow Cookers to Sear, Stew, and Braise—Three Stood Out
Our Winning Storage Containers Are Completely Leakproof, and They’re 22% Off in Time for Thanksgiving
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The Key Techniques for Perfect Risotto
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We Took Hundreds of Readings to Find the Best Infrared Thermometers
16 Rice Recipes for Breakfast, Dinner, and Dessert
The 40 Best Kitchen-Related Stocking Stuffers for the Cooks in Your Life
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13 Cherry Tomato Recipes That Are Bursting With Goodness
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Our Editors Love This Retro-Inspired Casserole Dish—and It’s 47% Off Right Now
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After 48 Hours, 24 Pounds of Wood Chips, and Almost 100 Pounds of Protein, We Found the Best Electric Smokers
17 Easy Cookie Recipes to Satisfy Your Inner Cookie Monster
We Filleted Loads of Whole Fish to Find the Best Deba Knives
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This Yeti Tumbler Keeps My Water Ice Cold
You Don’t Need a Butter Warmer, but Then Again You Kind of Do?
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Sālād-é-Shirāzi (Persian Cucumber and Tomato Salad)
How to Calibrate an Instant-Read Thermometer
How to Clean an Air Fryer (and Air Fryer Toaster Oven), from Top to Bottom
18 Halloween Recipes That Are Spooky Good
Cheese Storage 101: How to Store and Serve Cheese
15 Squash Recipes For All Occasions
The Piping Bags and Tips You Actually Need (According to Someone Who Bakes for a Living)
25 Filipino Recipes, Because We Can't Stop at Just One
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Teh Tarik (Sweet and Frothy Malaysian Milk Tea)
We Tested 8 Indoor Grills and Found Four That Delivered Big on Grill Marks and Flavor
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Costco's 157-Piece, $4,500 Le Creuset Collection Is Taking Over the Internet—Here Are the Pieces from It We Think Are Actually Worth Buying
Birria de Res (Beef Birria)
Mise en Place #0001: Protractors, Birria, and Mail
23 Easy Cake Recipes That'll Make Every Day a Cake Day
Everything You Need to Know About Buying Honey
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RXK Nephew / Harry Fraud: Life After Neph
Frog: Grog
Sunwatchers: Music Is Victory Over Time
Snow Strippers: Night Killaz Vol. 1 EP
David Michael Moore: Adagio Fishing
Tar Of: Confidence Freaks Me Out
Paramore: Riot!
Devo: 50 Years of De-Evolution 1973–2023
Peter Gabriel: i/o
Spencer Zahn: Statues I / Statues II
Feeling Figures: Migration Magic
Daniel Bachman: When the Roses Come Again
DJ Manny: Hypnotized
41: 41 World: Not the Album
Bryan Ferry: Mamouna (Deluxe)
Priya Ragu: Santhosam
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Sen Morimoto: Diagnosis
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Fun Boy Three: Fun Boy Three
Bob Dylan: The Complete Budokan 1978
Dolly Parton: Rockstar
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Official GTA VI Trailer Video
Under the Sea [OC]
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